About us

Since 2006, Renzorato has been in the Scandinavian market and has offered customers top-quality machines and tools with a focus on cleaning sewage systems, but also cleaning pipes in industries and chimneys.
In close collaboration with our customers, we have during our years in the sewage industry created a name for ourselves as a company that most people in the Scandinavian industry know of.

Our vision is to offer the industry products of high quality with the best service, whether it is fast deliveries or the need of new products on the market. We value our customers' opinions highly and listen to their wishes in order to find new ways to make their everyday lives more efficient.

We use carefully selected components of high quality and in this way, we ensure that our products are reliable, durable and meet a high safety class.
From being a company that performed the work in the field to only becoming a supplier, we know how important it is with safety and ergonomics for the operators who work in this industry. We have taken these experiences with us when we develop our products. Since the start, development, manufacturing and assembly have taken place in Sweden.

Over the years, we have also added more categories of products to be able to offer customers more of a complete solution in sewage cleaning, such as high-pressure units and inspection cameras as these 3 parts go hand in hand.

· Milling machines
· High-pressure cleaning
· Inspection

Since 2018, we have been able to offer our products in Europe in collaboration with retailers to maintain the good service that is Renzorato's main goal.
Having a personal contact who is close at hand with both knowledge, tools and spare parts makes the users of our products feel assured.
Together with customers and resellers, we are constantly working to reach out to several markets and continue our development of sustainable products that help the industry and the future in excavate-free pipe renovation (No-dig).